Filtration for Craft Distillers

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One of the most overlooked steps in the process, filtration can make or break your finished product. Discover how to get it right.

In this free webinar led by Gusmer Enterprise’s Technical Sales Representative, Nathan Kreel, attendees will get a comprehensive look into filtration with a focus on craft operations.

  • Explore the filtration process and its applications for distilling,
  • Discover how to optimize your filtration to take out components you don't want in your spirit while keeping those you do,
  • Determine which materials and equipment are the best fit for your operation and when to use them,
  • Gain insights on best practices for filtration.

    Nathan Kreel

    Nathan received his doctorate in biochemistry with a background in microbiology from Ohio State University. Afterward, he developed and launched products at a biotechnology company focused on enzymes for enhanced liquefaction and improved fermentation for the corn to ethanol industry, being granted two patents during his tenure. Since leaving the laboratory, Nathan has ventured into technical sales for Gusmer Enterprises, where he applies and supports products for the beverage industry, including distilled spirits, enzymes, yeast, and filtration media.