Managing Your Costs During a Pandemic

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Now, more than ever, spirits producers need to evaluate their costs. When distilleries have abundant foot traffic and are selling out bottles, tours, and cocktails in their tasting rooms, positive cash flow can mask a lot of costing issues. But when the belts must tighten, it becomes even more crucial to be aware of exactly how much it takes to produce and what your true profit margins are. 

In this free webinar led by Whiskey Systems’ President & Senior Consultant, Donald Snyder, attendees will get back to the basics of cost management.

  • Determine your true Cost of Goods Sold for your products, from grain to finished cases,
  • Discover how market channels can have dramatically different profit margins for the same product,
  • Explore how to build and use a Profit & Loss (P&L) for informed decision-making,  
  • Gain insights for how to optimize your Cost of Goods Sold and maximize profits, post-pandemic.

Donald Snyder

Donald is President of Time and Tasks and former President of Whiskey Systems Craft Distillery Management software, where he shared knowledge gained from over two decades of experience managing operations and supply chains in the alcohol and beverage industries. Previously, he served in senior management roles at the Buffalo Trace Distillery and MGPI. Since leaving the corporate world, Donald now focuses his efforts on helping craft distilleries create start-up business models, optimize their Cost of Goods Sold, automate distillery operations tracking, and ensure TTB reporting compliance and audit preparedness.