What's the Right Char for Your Whiskey

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What you'll learn.

The barreling and maturation process is arguably the most impactful part of a spirit’s flavor development; but when you’re making a new product, years can be a long time to wait to see what kind of profile you're going to be left with.

In this free webinar led by Independent Stave Company’s Director of Spirit Research & Innovation, Andrew Wiehebrink, attendees will get the chance to take the guesswork and worry out of the equation.

  • Gain critical insights into what happens to your spirit inside of a barrel,
  • Explore what flavors can develop from each char level,
  • Understand how the length of time you plan to age spirits should impact char level selection,
  • Determine which char level is right for your mash bill and the desired flavor profile.

Andrew Wiehebrink

As Director of Spirit Research & Innovation, Andrew works closely with Independent Stave Company's distilling customers to push the envelope of what is possible in the world of spirits production. In addition to creating and testing new products, Andrew designs experiments and conducts research to advance the understanding of whiskey maturation, barrel performance, and alternative barrel construction.